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I love this linky, I have to admit. It's so much fun to take part in!

Have to do:

I am last minute Lucy this weekend. I haven't made an anchor chart I need for tomorrow's writing lesson! Eek. I always get to work an hour or so before the day begins AND I have prep first period, so it should be ok.. but I hate this last minute feeling.

I need to grade the writing prompts from our practice PARCC test tomorrow. I've been putting it off a new days because I'm just not sure what they are looking for! There is a rubric, but no exemplars. I really don't like the thought of not having something to compare against. I am also a bit frustrated with the fact that there is no PBA practice test released for math, and yet we are taking the test in 5 weeks.... Arg.

I make all my little guy's baby food, and he is getting low. I have to whip up another batch. I love doing it! I cook a couple weeks worth of food in one afternoon. It's actually way easier than I thought it would be- I buy the produce, steam it, puree it, and then freeze it. I put the food that is "to go" with him during the day in 4 oz glass mason jars, and the food that we feed at home in silicone baby food trays. We are trying sweet peas this week!

Hope to do:

I need a new homework chart! My current one is a pocket chart with little slips of paper with names on it. It's falling apart! I am doing something with ribbons and popsicle sticks. Super not creative, but I am crunched for time lately.

My classroom library is super dusty. Well, if I'm honest most of my classroom is. Anyone else have this problem? I feel like my classroom is always so dusty and gross! Yuck. I'd like to empty the bins out and really clean them. We'll see if I get there!

Happy to do:

Although it's not official, I am sure we will have a snow day on Tuesday. The news stations are calling for 2 - 3 feet of snow. I am looking forward to a snow day with my guy! We had a small storm yesterday (6 or so inches) and I took him sledding for the first time. It was so much fun. :)

Happy Sunday- enjoy your week!


  1. Hi Mandy, I LOVE your blog design!

    A snow day sounds good, especially on a Sunday evening! Not a chance for my in sunny San Diego, CA.


  2. Oh, you make your own baby food. I did, too. In fact, my eldest (21) messaged me just last week as she was making creamed spinach to ask about what she ate as a baby. Boy, those were the days. Enjoy them while you can!

  3. 2-3 feet of snow!! Yikes!! I do love SNOW DAYS!!! Your comment about your library hit home, mine is a hot mess and needs to be dealt with...maybe Spring Break!!! Enjoy your snow day, I will be hoping for you to get one!!!

  4. I'm feeling you on the PARCC stuff. We're taking it in three weeks (I teach 6-8) and it's a daily exercise in frustration to the kids having trouble internalizing all the changes. But on a happy note--sledding with the little guy has to be a blast. I so miss those days when my son was little and *enjoyed* going outside to play in Have a great week!


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