Currently December 2015

It's December- the most wonderful time of year. Lights are twinkling, decorations are hung, and festive Christmas music is playing. Does it get any better than that? I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Listening: Have you ever seen Peg + Cat? It's a PBS cartoon that focuses on math for pre-schoolers. If you are a parent of a little one or teacher Kindergarten, you have to check it out! I first saw it when my little guy was only a few months old but he only recently started to be allowed one show a night. The NCTM conference last year featured a session about using this show for teaching math in the lower grades, too. Not to mention one of the main characters is a cat, which is my favorite animal. It's a win!

Loving: The Christmas season! How can anyone dislike this time of year? I think I have an extra special love for the holiday this year because my son is starting to get it. He loves to find his elf on the shelf every day and listen to Christmas carols. Is there anything better than the look in a baby's eyes as he stares at the Christmas tree? The best.

Thinking: This may be a little contradictory, but my goodness, teaching in December is HARD. As a fantastically hysterically teacher in my building said, "it's one long game of whack-a-mole." So true!

Wanting: Our school laminator broke down a few weeks ago, and I really miss it. I have a personal laminator to do small items, but I can't do anything larger than a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I miss being able to do bigger projects, like nametags and anchor charts. Here's hoping Santa brings our school a new one!

Needing: Oh, report cards. They are always a ton of work, but this year is extra tough. We have a new computer system for inputting grades and the glitches haven't quite been worked out yet. I can't wait until they are all worked out!

Real or fake: This year, it's fake. With a little guy at home, I just don't want to have clean up after a tree. Vacuuming up dead needles, watering it, and keeping the cat out of it is all just too much this year. We got a nice fake one with lots of volume. You can hardly tell it isn't real... especially after we light our Christmas Tree candle. :)

Enjoy the season!


  1. We haven't had a working laminator at school in years...oh, how I miss it! Personal laminators are great but they can't do everything.

  2. Oh my goodness... this month is absolutely "one long game of whack-a-mole!"

    I can't imagine life without a functioning laminator. At least you have your personal one!

    Merry Christmas!!!

    School and the City

  3. Watching the holiday joy through children is so magical! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.

    Adventures In Kinder and Beyond

  4. Our school laminator is down too... Hopefully your Christmas wish will come true! Good luck on your report cards. I just finished my, like 3 minutes ago, lol!
    Happy Holidays!!

    Smocus Smocus

  5. Love your Buddy the Elf quote! That movie never gets old :) Good luck getting a new laminator!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  6. I absolutely agree teaching in the month of December is so hard! The kids are wired and I have things I need them to know before they go on their break! :)


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