Winner & an exit slip idea

And the winner of the pencil sharpener giveaway is.....

(drumroll please....)

Jennifer N

WOO! Congrats, Jennifer!

So, I've been on the hunt forever for a good "exit slip" type activity for my students. There are a bazillion out there, I know, but I wanted to find that perfect fit for my students. They are techno-addicts, and really enjoy something different. Finally it hit me- let's tweet!

We don't have any electronics in the classroom, or wifi for that matter, we had to get creative. I got myself some fluorescent poster board, tons of stickies, and got to work. I have the "twitter feed" posted on the whiteboard at the front of my classroom. We use @FirstName as our twitter handle. I even tweet as @MrsB sometimes!

At the end an activity, I will give students a quick prompt to respond to. Early in the year, it's mostly "how do you feel about this" type questions, but as we progress in our learning we will dive in deeper questions. This prompt asked students to tweet about how they felt about the reading they did in class today.

Kids can tweet during the day, too. They get one "on topic, no prompt" tweet per day. I get things like this posted from these:

I love that they use hashtags! :) 


  1. I have a twitter board too! Mine is outside our room and the kids use it as their exit ticket out the door. They must tweet about one thing that stuck with them, one thing they are having problems with, or one thing to grow on... We also use post-it notes but I have them put it next to their number on the board so I can see who has tweeted and who hasn't.

  2. My theme this year is a "Tweet" classroom, but I LOVE your twitter feed idea! I am going to "borrow" it!!
    Thanks for the share!

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