Popsicle stick math station

I can't even get over how jealous I am of everyone who is done with school for the year! We had a ridiculous amount of snow this year, so we missed a ton of school, and are not getting out until the end of June. 17 more days. Seriously! The kiddos are having trouble focusing, so I have had to get creative with the activities we have been doing. We are in the process of reviewing out content for the end of year tests, so I have been trying to put some mixed review in my math workshop stations. Enter the popsicle stick review station! I didn't snap too many pics, but managed to get a few.

The concept of the review sticks is easy- there is a problem on the right, and an answer on the left. The kiddos solve the problem and then look for the stick with the correct answer. These work out really well for review because the sticks are self correcting! If a kiddo doesn't answer a question correctly, they won't be able to find the answer. They know that they then have to go back and find their error.  

I teach math in a workshop format, and break my students up into four differentiated groups. The groups change often based upon the unit I am working on, so the kids know they are pretty fluid. I decided to try to focus on the needs of the groups, and made four different sets of review sticks. I did fractions, decimals, whole numbers, and algebra. Each set was color coded on the side so the sticks didn't get mixed in together.

The kiddos worked in groups to solve the problems and put the sticks in the correct order. They loved it! They even used them during a rainy indoor recess a few days later. So, there you have it- how I am "tricking" my kiddos into reviewing for our end of year tests. :)

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