TpT Seller Challenge

I'm so far behind the times, you guys, but I just finished the TpT seller challenge week one!

School just ended for the year last week and I've been recovering. You know that end of the year feeling- so exhausting!

So, I've been hard at work making this

into this!

At first, I started by just updated the cover page. It was just kind of ugly before, and I was going to clean it up and make it a little more appealing. I got going, though, and decided to change the font on the whole thing to something more clean. One thing lead to another, and I decided to change all the backgrounds, too! They are still "bright color" themed, but they are just a bit more modern and attractive. 

Watch facebook for some flash freebies! In the mean time, check it out on TpT.


  1. Love those bright colors!

  2. I'm leaving this comment as part of the directions from #littlefishteacherblogger. :) I really like your blog layout - the pink and the gray stripes goes nicely. :) And the iced coffee - so cute! :) Would you believe that I signed up for the TPT Seller Challenge and I didn't complete any of the challenges? :( I was caught up in grad school and end of the year deadlines that I didn't put the time into the challenge. Plus, I'm new to creating things and I am my own worst critic. Looking forward to hearing more from you! Keep blogging and talking about what's going on in your educational word! :)

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