Dear student

I found this online, and can't take credit for it, but it absolutely deserves a repost. Love it!


Dear Student,

Resistance is futile. I am your personal, designated brick wall. 

If you write "111" as the answer for half the math assignment, I will tell you that I only send students to recess who have done their best on the assignment...and I WILL check. If you miss every single question on the science quiz because you're unhappy that you moved your number because of that inappropriate gesture in line, then I will calmly reply, "You know, I give science tests over and over and over and over again to students until they miss no more than 5." I wasn't really surprised that a student who could get every question wrong when they wanted could also ace the test when they tried. You were only 1 of 3 to receive 100%, by the way.

But most of all, my dear student, I wish I could whisper this truth into your soul: You really should let me win, because when I win, so do you.

So, tomorrow is Monday, dear student, and I'm prepared to communicate to you once again that resistance is futile. You may not know it, but I'm fighting for you.


Your Teacher

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  1. It is so sincere! I think that if I had such teacher who could be so open and honest, my results were much better. When we got some task, I never tried to create some masterpiece, just something for a grade, while others applied for help with writing college essays for better results. As a rule teachers say that you should do it for yourself and nobody tells: “we both need it, let`s do it” . I think that to write such letter teacher should be really self-confident as it is difficult to accept that it can be also your responsibility and fault.


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