Snowy weekend

So, early last week we Bay Staters began to hear rumbles of a snow storm coming our way. "Don't worry," they told us, "it won't be a big one." So, life went on as planned. Around Tuesday we got the word that it may be a foot of snow. Well, that is inconvenient but manageable. After all, we have experience in this category! By Wednesday night, they were predicting over 3 feet of snow.


photo (3)


See that cute little 37.3" prediction? That is right over my city....


So, Thursday we had parent teacher conferences. School was released early, and we had afternoon and evening sessions for appointments. During our afternoon session, the principal announced that there would be no school in our district on Friday. Woo! An unexpected day off is great for getting things done.

So, during the beginning of the storm on Friday I graded 80 tests, uploaded grades into our online data server, cleaned my house, and caught up on TV shows. Excellent. Then, I looked outside....


This is about halfway through the storm. My car is under there- somewhere!

my car


The snowdrift in front of the car, and many others, was taller than me. Unreal! The snow kept on coming, and didn't end until Saturday night. All said and done, Nemo (as it was named by the Weather Channel) became a historical blizzard in Massachusetts. In fact, school was canceled again today for most of the state. Sidewalks aren't shoveled, snow banks are too high to see past at intersections, and parking lots are atrocious.


All being said, I am ready to get back to school. There is only so much grading, planning, and cleaning a girl can take!

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