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This is totally late, but I have to share my calendar. I am seriously in love with it! I purchased a planner from Tanya Rae designs and I haven't regretted it for a second. Her stuff is cute and really practical. Just about everything I could want is included in this file- and usually there are a couple different versions of each document. I'm a huge fan! I printed it at home and had it bound at staples. 

Anyway, once I got my planner printed and bound, I decided to get serious about my calendar. I don't know about the rest of you moms out there, but I have found that I am way more forgetful now than I have ever been. Maybe it's because my mind is always on my little guy, or maybe it is just because I a am sleep deprived. ;) Either way- something's gotta change! Being the visual person that I am, I decided to make my calendar beautifull 

 I used color coded washi tape to mark off meetings, deadlines, and no school days in my calendar. I wrote the important information on the washi tape, too. Some of it was kind of waxy and hard to write on, but for the most part it came out pretty well!

The tape is repositionable, so when our curriculum meetings date for the whole year changed after I had created the calendar, I could easily move it. No crossing out or erasing! I was afraid it would leave a little gummy paste behind, but it didn't.

Isn't it fantastic? I just love opening up my calendar and being able to quickly know what to expect. Like, for instance, look at December. I can see that I have two weeks off for Christmas vacation. Wahoo! I can also see that I sadly have a staff meeting and two PM conference nights the first week of December. :( 

I also add the washi tape to the lesson plan section to remind myself about important events and meetings. Without this, I would probably be lost. Maybe even literally, walking down random hallways instead of showing up to the right meeting.

To keep my scattered brain in check, I also included a key with all the colors what they mean. I tried to use the same colors on my family calendar, too, for the sake of sanity! Of course, I won't need things like "marks close" on our family calendar, but I do need to know when I have after school meetings and days off. If you look at the tape closely, you can see that the orange and beige striped tape was one of the waxy ones that was hard to write on.

Sharing the inside cover of my planner for Made It #2- my little guy! Snuggled up with a teddy bear at his newborn photo shoot.

So, how do you keep your calendar organized?

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