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All you working moms out there, tell me... how do you do it? I'm a mess! I feel like I'm always behind in something. The papers aren't graded, or the house is a mess, or I haven't been running all week. How do you manage? I'm only four months in, and I am drowning!

On the bright side, I have been keeping up with my resolution to stay only 1 hour after kids leave every day except Wednesdays. I say an extra 2 hours on Wednesdays to get all caught up and ready for the next week. I love it, because I don't get that "sunday night" feeling anymore! It's fantastic.

Hope you are all having a good week!

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  1. My kids help out at home! They're teens now but even when they were little, they helped with chores. I don't bring school work home anymore, but I used to grade papers when they were at soccer practice, which was at least 90 minutes a day. You need to prioritize and be efficient, even if it means politely telling chatty colleagues that you need to get work done. There is ALWAYS more to do. Once you're at peace with that, you'll feel less frazzled. Good luck! It isn't easy.
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