Have you heard of Flocabulary? If you haven't, then listen up because it's pretty amazing. It's an online library full of educational hip-hop songs tailored to engage students while teaching them the important concepts. The videos reach into every content area: math, ELA, social studies science, government, history, life skills, and current events.

There is even an entire section called the Word Up Project The videos incorporate music, rhythm, and rhyme in order to address the unique needs of all students. The vocabulary section is broken down by grade, and addresses grades K - 8, and SAT vocabulary.

The Word Up Project targets interdisciplinary tier 2 academic words, which will help to improve reading skills and deepen the understanding of the content. They provide a master word list, a compilation of lesson plans, and several different suggested teaching schedules.

No matter what subject you choose, there are tons of printable activities, including lyrics, fill in the blanks, exercises (which make great homework packets!), and even a test and answer key.

Best of all - the videos address the common core standards. They even have a standards alignment tool that matches videos up with the standards they address! If you are looking to address a specific standard, you can go to the tool find videos to help you.

Seriously, I'm a Flocab addict. I love the depth and quality of the lessons, and the results the kids are giving. My students love the rap and accompanying video. It's a pretty great match. There is a free trial- give it a shot with your kiddos!

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