Five for Friday (it's still Friday somewhere, maybe?)

Linking up for Five for Saturday Friday with Doodle Bugs!

I spent a little time updating the Teacher Discount Directory over the past few days. Man, I love this! I always feel like I need to spend my money carefully, because I don't exactly have a surplus. Getting a discount on something I really need want makes it feel so much better. Check it out! If you have something to add, leave a comment- I'd love to get it in there for everyone to be able to use.

I've totally hopped on the Go Noodle bandwagon. I should have tried it earlier! I thought my fifth graders would think it was silly and that they were "too cool" for it. Boy, was I wrong! I gave it a shot on Thursday while they were particularly off task. They LOVED it! They got their energy out, and were able to get back on task. Even my "cool" kids were into it! I tried it again the next day with the same results. I've set up a system where my kids can earn noodle time with good behavior... little do they know I would probably put it on anyway. Seriously fantastic website- but I've sure all of you out there have already tried it. I'm a late adopted. :)

We made it through Halloween. Thank goodness! My city does trick or treat the Saturday before Halloween, so my kiddos had a WHOLE WEEK of sugar crazed snack and lunch. Most of them planned to go out tonight in neighboring cities, as well. Holy moly- here's hoping they finish all their candy soon! I'm no fool- they got erasers for treats... and maybe just one treat at the end of the day. :) 

The erasers are from the Target Dollar Spot. So cute, right?? It was only $1 for 50 erasers! I have to say, though, at the end of the day I was thankful Halloween is only once a year.

How can I not show off my little guy on his first Halloween? He was a Dinosaur, and a cute one if I do say so myself. :)

My husband, my little guy, and I gave out candy to more than 200 trick or treaters. We kept track up to about 150- and that was about halfway through! I don't know how many for sure, but we went through 4 jumbo sized bags (which are the equivalent of 4 regular candy bags each). I did manage to save a few for us though. ;)

My little guy is getting so big... and I mean really big. He is in the 98th percentile for height and weight. Eek! He is only four months old... and already over 18 lbs and 27 inches. I think we've got a future linebacker on our hands!

The last thing I want to share is pretty scary. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is proposing a change to teacher licensure that would link our licenses to student test scores.  That's right- if my kinds are underperfoming on the high stakes test, then my license is at risk. What does that do for Special Education teachers? Inner city teachers? Teachers with overcrowded classrooms? It's a scary, scary thought. Thousands of emails have been sent to the DESE, my own included. Their response was "well, we aren't going to change it until the fall of 2015." That is less than a year away! It's a scary, scary time to be a teacher. For that matter, it's a scary time to be a student. My poor kids are over-tested, just as so many others are. I hope the pendulum swings back in the other direction soon. Ok- end rant.

Off to grade some math tests, but check back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY! :)


  1. Oh my goodness your little dinosaur is adorable! I miss the fun of dressing my littles for Halloween, they are teenagers now and leave me out of it! #5 scares me too! We have "performance pay" linked to our test scores and school goals but not our licenses! That is unthinkable! Good luck with your fight to keep that from happening!

    1. Aww thanks! :)

      I genuinely don't understand the concept of linking "performance" to pay or licensure. It's just a scare tactic. Sigh.

  2. I'm so glad that your fifth graders enjoy GoNoodle! I use it every day and can no longer imagine a day without brain breaks.

    Your little dino is the cutest thing ever!!

    My Carolina Classroom

    1. Aww thank you. :) I don't know why I didn't try Go Noodle sooner- I was crazy! it's the best thing ever.


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