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Product Swap with Miss L's Busy Bees

I'm starting to get back into that "almost back to school" swing. I guess it's inevitable, but it's so hard to see the end of summer on the horizon! I still have 3 weeks left, but that means it's time to kick into gear. I'm organizing paperwork, thinking about setting up, and getting curriculum resources put together. I was super lucky to participate in a product swap this week with a SERIOUSLY awesome product from Haley at Miss L's Busy Bees!

I have to start by saying that choosing a product to swap was the HARDEST. Haley has so many great activities in her store! After changing my mind a few times, I landed on her Hands On Greek and Latin Root Activities for Spelling and Defining.

I know it's not technically part of the product I'll use in my classroom, but can we talk about that cover page? So cute. I can't even handle it. I decided to go with this product because my district focuses heavily on root word spelling and definitions. We are expected to have students learn to apply the root word meaning to help breakdown the definitions of words that contain those roots. The CCSS call for "common" root words, but in our literacy program we also dive into some of the more obscure root words. I've been hunting for a way to make my instruction more interactive and hands on, and this product seriously fit the bill. 

The activity kit contains the following Greek and Latin root words:
  1. tele
  2. photo
  3. astr
  4. naut
  5. miss
  6. form
  7. liter
  8. magn
  9. migra
  10. therm
  11. tract
  12. dura
  13. hyper
  14. vis
  15. clam
  16. vid
  17. ultra
  18. tra
  19. aqua
  20. dynam
  21. graph
  22. meter
  23. ology
  24. phobia
  25. ism
  26. ist
  27. spec
  28. scrib
  29. rupt
  30. port
  31. ject
  32. dict
  33. able
  34. ible
  35. ance
  36. ence

The pack starts off with word wall cards to be posted on the word wall, glued onto an anchor chart, glued into a notebooks, or printed and cut to send home as vocabulary flash cards. I love the fact that the are multi-use! The word and definition are included for each.

Next, Haley make a note-taking sheet for the root words. It includes a place for the root word, definition, and examples. I love the fact that it can be put in a binder for quick reference for homework. That is where my kiddos usually need it the most! You all know what I am talking about... they go home and magically forget the lesson of the day. Using this in their binders, the students will be able to study to root words and share what they are learning with their parents. 

The next part is the best part. Haley has 5 really fun hands on activities for the kiddos to complete to help them really understand the meaning of each root word. These activities can be completed independently or in partners/small groups, depending on your needs. These are perfect for completing during Reader's Workshop stations. I LOVE that they are fun and engaging and will keep my kids on task! I don't want to give away all of Haley's secrets so I won't go into details with the games, but they are definitely worth checking out in her product.

Overall, Haley has made a great activity packet for teaching root words. The focus has been pushed away from rote memorization, and into activities that have been created to help engage students and encourage authentic interaction with the root words. Check it out!

I'm the last stop on the Blog Hop, but if you started in the middle click below to continue on to Vanessa, our first stop, to see her product swap!

Currently August

Time seems to fly in the summer, doesn't it? It feels like just yesterday it was the last day of school... and now, here we are! The Sunday night of the summer.  Linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for Currently.

Listening: Silence! Moms, you totally understand how glorious this is when you have a toddler. I relish in the quiet I get for a couple hours each night.

Loving: I don't go back for a month. A GLORIOUS month! I am going to love every second of our late start this year. We always head back the week before Labor day, which just happens to be late this year. It's pretty great.

Thinking: starting to put some ideas together for my classroom. I haven't gotten serious yet, but I have some new thoughts!

Wanting: Does this need explanation? Summer nights.... :)

Needing: I'm thinking tomorrow we will hit the beach. We live so close to the coast that it's hard to stay away in the summer time! It's been too long for people who live so close.

RAK: I love the idea of doing some random acts of kindness for BTS. Who doesn't love a good treat in the teacher's lounge??

Enjoy August, everyone!
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