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Farley's Currently- July

It's not *quite* July, but close enough. Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are already halfway through 2013. Linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for July's Currently...

Short post tonight, but it's time to hang out with my hubby. :) 

This week's Five for Friday brought to you by.... office supplies!

Wow, it's been a while since I did a Five for Friday link up! I went on a mega crazy shopping spree today... so today's linky is brought to you by office supplies. Here are my faves that I got today!

1. This is seriously the world's best staple remover. You push the metal part under the staple and pull up. The bulletin board doesn't get ruined, you don't have to struggle to grip the teeny tiny staple, and it's waaaay faster than the traditional kind of staple remover. Best of all, the metal part is magnetic, so the staples stick to it! The slide on the top pushes them off and easily into the trash. Seriously, so worth the $5.

2. Ever had a perfectly laid out week in your planner, complete with homework and in class assignments, only to have a last minute schedule change (or snow day!) move it all? If you used pencil, then you are fine, but if you used ink you are out of luck. I love to color code, so I am always using gel pens. What if you could erase your gel pen? No, seriously.... it's not magic, it's Frixion. I am TOTALLY loving these pens! I can't wait to use them this year.

3. Every shoe lover needs this tape dispenser. I had one before, but unfortunately it was broken when I moved classrooms at the end of the year this year. I had to replace it! 

4. I'm sticking with the owl theme next year, so these magnets were an obvious "must have." They are super cute- and were only $2!

5. This isn't actually an office supply, but I loved it so much I had to share. It'll be so cute on my desk- and helpful for those winter nights when the sun sets at 3:30! Yuck...

I got a request to add "Special Ed. Blogger" to the Blogs by Grade linky I host last week, so I updated it tonight. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before! Have you added your site to the linky? If not, link up!

Finally, don't forget to follow my on bloglovin' and enter my giveaway. $10 to either TpT OR Amazon- winner's choice! 

Wowza- lots of freebies!

There are tons of blog hops and freebies going on this week as many bloggers are switching over to bloglovin' from Google Reader. It's crazy, and I'm loving every second of it. First blog hop is through Tori's Teacher Tips.

Super fun and easy link up to list your blog as one that is on bloglovin. Check it out and link up!

Next up, I finally decided to add a facebook fan freebie. Head on over to my facebook page to download some cute new backgrounds!

Finally.... A GIVEAWAY! I know, there are about 246  bazillion other giveaways this week... but how can I resist?

Can't wait to enter all the other awesome giveaways going on this week! Amanda and Stacia over at Collaboration Cuties are hosting this great linky.

Here is the list of all the great bloggers participating!

Goodbye, Google Reader....

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Sweet, Sweet Summer

It's official.... I'm on summer vacation! I thought it would never come. This year seemed especially long- maybe because of the extra harsh winter we had? Either way- I am loving the sun and warmth! There is nothing like waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining through the blinds.

I'm really excited for my summer reading- both professional development and for fun. This summer I plan to read:

I'm also working on some great new units for next year... although I may let those wait a little longer. :) I am definitely also hitting up the dollar store- much to my husband's dismay! I can't get back into my classroom until late July, but that doesn't stop me from stocking up on things I'll need. 10 bottles of hand sanitizer? Check! Out of the way place to store them? No check. They just end up taking his space in the basement until August, but I can't resist a good deal. 

Lots of great blog giveaways to check out lately! Click on the images to head on over the blogs and enter. 


Linky Party Bonanza

Linking up for two great linky parties today!

Listening: Hubby and I recently discovered Supernatural on Netflix. It's a CW show, and it's kind of silly, but we enjoy it! It's one of those "good to have on in the background" shows. Some of the episodes are really scary, I admit! I'm pretty easily scared by creepy shows and movies, though.

Loving: My new Erin Condren planner! I bought it during teacher appreciation month, so I got a pretty good deal (for a crazy expensive planner)! I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed when I first got it, but I'm excited to try it out. I already filled in all the holidays and meetings for next year. I know that sounds really organized, but really I was just procrastinating grading... :) 

Thinking: This is the longest part of the school year! We only have 12 1/2 days left and 5 of them are field trips, 3 more are special events... for a grand total for 4 regular days left! Here's hoping it goes smoothly.

Wanting: To go to the beach. I'm so spoiled to have grown up where I did! I live close to Boston and to the beach. Does it get much better? I can spend hot summer days in beachside arcades and splashing in the waves, and rainy days in some of the best museums in our country. Seriously, I love where I live... even if the winters are brutal.

Needing: Another longggg bus ride for our STARBASE field trip tomorrow! The first day was last week, and we loved it. Cant' wait to go for day 2! More on this later.. 

Vaca essentials: Who doesn't love reading a good book? What are you reading? I'd love to know. 

One more good link up, too. I love this idea- "What will you do differently?" by Finding Joy in 6th Grade.

Ok, I admit it.  A bad habit of mine is waiting to grade until the last minute. I put it off and put it off until I have a big pile that I feel compelled to finish on Sunday night. Yuck! I am going to try to stay on top of it this year. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day- it is something!

Guided math was great this year. So great, in fact, I wouldn't even consider going back to my"old" way of teaching math. I've thought of some ways to tweak it and make it even better next year! More blogs on that later.

Math journals worked out well in my classroom, but I have to admit that I didn't really commit to them. I used them, but not to the extent that I should have. This year, I am going to really commit to using them regularly. 

This ties in with no more last minute grading. I always find myself dreading sundays because I grade and plan all day (and night). This year, that's done. I am going to be prepared for when I walk in the door Monday as I leave on Friday. Weekends are for ME! (We'll see how this one goes...) 



Welcome to June... the Friday of the school year!! :)

The end of the year is always the same, in my experience. The students are antsy, the teachers are tired, and everyone is excited to see what they will be doing next year. I feel like I end up wasting all my prep time because I'm so easily distracted!

Here's hoping I can buckle down and work hard during prep for the last 13 school days so I can use my time at home to clean my house and get ready for summer. 

Speaking of summer, I've been planning vacations and beach trips lately so I've been thinking about my schedule. This year, I'm doing the summer program 3 days a week for 5 weeks. It's not a lot of time spent working (8:30 - 3) and it's enough to keep my school motivation going. The extra money is nice, too! What are your plans for summer? Are you working or rejuvenating? 

So, I've found out what I will be teaching next year. It's not definite, but it's exciting to know! I will be teaching 5th grade again (yay!) but my core subjects will change. I will still have a homeroom, and will teach two double blocks of math and one double block of ELA. No more science, which is a bit sad. I did love the experiments! I am really excited to pick up a block of ELA, though. I will be spending my summer searching pinterest and teacher blogs for anchor chart ideas. :)

Just a quick update... looking forward to Farley's Currently later today!
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