Flocab free trial

A few weeks ago I blogged about one of my favorite ed-tech sites, Flocab. They are educational raps with accompanying videos. Most even have activities and quizzers. My kids LOVE when it's flocab time! A few of the videos are free, but a subscription is required to view most of them. From now until February 28th, you can sign up for a SCHOOL or DISTRICT wide free trial for 90 days! It's definitely worth a shot, especially with state testing coming up. They have a great test prep video (I blogged about here) and the videos can be sorted by standard so you can address the needs of your kids. 
Sign up for the school or district wide trial here.  If you miss out, don't worry! Teachers can get a 14 day free trial any time by clicking here

If you want to see my full post about flocab you can find it here

Happy Thursday!

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