Conjunctions and Compound sentences - Anchor chart and freebie!

Linking up with Crafting Connections for my very first Anchors Away Monday!

This week, I've been talking with my kiddos about compound sentences. I thought that conjunctions would be mostly review, but I was surprised to find that my students needed some review. We reviewed the conjunctions using everyone's favorite acronym, FANBOYS.

Then we talked about joining simple sentences (also known as independent clauses) using conjunctions and commas. I have some seriously gifted mathematical students in my classroom who have a comparatively hard time grasping topics in ELA, so I wanted to try to create something they could relate to. Cue the music- I decided to try an equation!

Simple sentence, + conjunction + simple sentence = compound sentence.

Seriously- it worked! Prior to this lesson, my kids were struggling. Whenever they saw a conjunction they were assuming it was a compound sentence. We had this lesson as a sort of "last effort" the day before the quiz. ALL my kiddos got a 90 or better. ALL OF THEM!  Seriously pleased with this one.

I also created a fun compound sentence sort card set. It's a fun activity that my kids really enjoyed. There are several simple sentences, and a page of conjuctions and punctuation. Check this FREEBIE out!


  1. I love this anchor chart!!!! What a good idea to connect it to an equation... I have to admit that it makes more sense to me when it's presented that way, too! Thanks for the freebie, too! Thank you for linking up, Mandy!

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