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Currently 2016

The first of month and the first day of a new year! Linking up for one my favorite monthly linkys, Currently by Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.

Oh, the sound of the Roomba is magic to my ears. My hubby spoiled me a couple months ago with the Roomba 980. It's definitely my favorite household appliance, hands down. I used to vacuum every other day to keep the cat hair and dust off the floor. Now, I only have to vacuum once a week... and I could probably skip a week and no one would notice! Did I need the Roomba? No, definitely not. No one needs a Roomba. But, I sure do love it!

Do I even need to explain this one? Christmas, family parties, New Year's Eve, and cuddles with my little guy. It doesn't get any better than this!

Ok, I realize it is strange that I am thinking about new pens at 11:00 on a Friday night. I am a bit odd, but I think most teachers with a love of school supplies can relate! I have always been a Frixion pen lover because they erase SO well. I use them in my planbook and for grading. I love that I can make a mistake, erase it, and try again. I am super pumped because I just bought these new Frixion markers because of their thicker writing point. I can't wait to try them out when we get back to school!

I am so stuck in a rut with my hair style. I need to get to the salon and let my hairdresser do whatever she thinks will refresh my look. Sounds crazy, I know, but I've known her since we were 8 years old and I definitely trust her opinion. Keep an eye on instagram- things might get crazy! :)

I just need more time in my life, in every aspect. No matter what I am doing, I feel like I could do it better if I just had more time. I wish the Time Turner that Hermione had in Harry Potter was real!

One Little Word
I am trying so hard to express my gratitude more. I have always felt it, but I have not been great about expressing it. I have an incredible family, great friends, amazing co-workers, and an all around fantastic life. My goal for 2016 is to show my gratitude more and tell people just how much they mean to me.

Happy New Year, my friends!


  1. Hi Mandy! Speaking of hair, mine is long overdue for some help! I have an appointment on Tuesday, and I cannot wait! You'll have to post a pic if you get a cut new hair style. I'll go find you on Instagram. :)

    Right Down the Middle

  2. I've never tried Frixion pens (I'm a flair pen girl) but the thought of being able to erase them sounds intriguing! You'll have to let us know how those markers work out! Have a wonderful start to the new year!
    Always Kindergarten

  3. I've never tried the Frixion pens, but I have heard they are wonderful! Are the markers erasable too? I definitely have to add them to my wish list! I hope your hairstylist finds a great new look for you - it is so easy to get in a rut when your life is busy!

  4. Gratitude is such an amazing word! Today at the grocery store I had 3 "first world problem" moments that would have been super annoying, but fortunately I paused and turned them into gratitude statements instead. Hope your year is filled with moments where you and those around you can appreciate the small things!

    Junior High Core Values

  5. I made a spur of the moment hair change right before Christmas. I cut off about 8 inches and dyed it auburn. I'm in love! I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    Primary on the Prowl

  6. I'm obsessed with pens too! My hubby gets me new ones in my Christmas stocking and they are usually one of my favorite gifts! Happy New Year!


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