March Madness and a fraction dash!

I'm about to embark upon my very own version of March Madness. Now, usually March Madness has a fun and exciting connotation- but not my version! Why, you ask? Well… it’s about to be the busiest month of my life. March happens to be the only winter month without a vacation. There is a long weekend, but it's not until the very end of the month for Good Friday. This month I will (of course) have my normal teaching responsibilities, as well as the big cheerleading game for the girls I coach, the school auction to raise money for technology, title one tutoring after school twice a week, and the last chance state-testing push. To just add to the fun, I also have a semester long state graduate course, 3 one credit educator professional development graduate courses, and a creative composition photography course- which I took "for fun." Ahh! I don't know how I will get through this.

A couple weeks ago, the teacher in the room next door retired. She was such a sweet woman, and I will miss her! She’s already off to finish the winter in Florida. So jealous! The girl who is finishing out the year for her is great, though. She is around my age, and has a similar teaching style to me. On Friday, we decided to open the wall up between our classrooms and have a “fun Friday” activity. We chose to do play the “Equivalent Fraction Dash” game I found over at Math Coach’s Corner. It was a blast! We mixed our classrooms up and split them into teams. They loved racing through the classroom and trying to beat the other team at finding equivalent fractions.

to the left is the classroom next door, to the right is my classroom. The cinderblock wall is the divider between our rooms. The wall with the fraction dash pocket chart is the collapsible wall between our rooms.

Students racing to finish the game!

 It was loud, a little rowdy, and tiring- but so worth it. The kids had a ton of fun, and they were angels the rest of the day. We told them that if they work hard, they can earn more activities together like this one. So much fun- make sure you check out the game!

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